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Podcast Purpose

My podcasts are aimed at those starting out online  with business marketing and businesses who provide services. The internet is awash with information that could easily confuse anyone, not to mention exaggerated claims and promises and information that creates unrealistic expectations. My podcasts are my effort to help with mindset, expectations, useful resources and mistakes to avoid .


Getting Purpose into Your Business?

I interview Jez Hunt who helps coaches, healers and therapists have a business with purpose. in changing times we need to focus on purpose and how to achieve it so listen to the podcast!

Want to Write a Book?

I interview Karen Brown who is a coach, auditor and publisher. Karen has self-published nearly 100 books on Amazon and helps people and budding authors to self-publish

Tips from a Brand Photographer

In the Podcast: the importance of extensive pre-planning for professional photoshoots. 
Tips upon: how to relax, look healthy, what to wear for professional photos….and more


Anchor Channel Trailer

A short trailer explaining what my Podcasts are all about.

Why Headlines Matter?

 I consider some benefits of thinking about the Headlines for your work when creating and preparing your Digital Content.(as well as types of Headlines to use)

 Creating Online Content – Just Get Started!

This short episode Considers Why You Should Just get started creating online content. “Practice makes perfect” is in fact a wise old saying and you will never conquer the initial fears of creating online content if you do not learn the skills involved in your preferred content medium and then just give it a go.

Remote Work – Time & Management!

 Why forming good habits to start the working day is important – making daily plans – Using project management tools . I discuss two time management tools and what I use and why.

Converting Recommendations to Sales

Google changes for websites in 2021?

Benefits of Working with remote workers!

2021 Business preparation and planning

The why of Amazon business success-some ideas?

This short podcast considers the simplicity of the success story that is Amazon and how maybe you can look to it for ideas to employ to promote your business or service online.

Remote Work and Tips for Working with Freelancers

A consideration about the historical use of remote workers, why in times of COVID19 they are more important than ever and mistakes to avoid when engaging a remote worker or freelancer.

Some Ideas on Writing Online Content!

Message-the importance of the hook because visitors scan-showing affinity- your purpose and call to action and 2 useful tools in the writing process.

Why Post on Social Media?

Some factors to consider when you encounter the argument that social media posting is not worthwhile.

Ideas for Planning Your Digital Content in 2021?

Online Business Networking – An Interview with an Expert

In this podcast, I interview Lady Adey who is an online expert in the world of online business networking and we discuss business networking and how to use business networking effectively online in 2021

New Episodes Weekly focused for online startups and SME’s


Short & To The Point – Because time is precious & we are all busy!

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Rosemary O Shaughnessy

Rosemary O Shaughnessy

Meet The Host

Hi, I’m Rosemary and I specialize in helping StartUps, and businesses who provide services to promote their business online through Digital Content. We Create – WordPress sites, Blog Posts, Powerpoint Video and SlideShares. We set up Social Media optimised profiles and accounts. We also offer 1 to 1 training on Zoom. The focus of our business is to help business to compete in the online space by increasing brand awareness/engagement.

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