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Would You Like To Be Able To Create Your Own Digital Content and Publish it Online?

Do you need help or guidance about how to create -edit-format, digital content?

Need help or guidance on how to use social media to promote your content?

The challenge with online promotion lies in piecing together all of the moving parts- because they are so many.

Another challenge is to design a content plan and a strategy and then with some time seeing if it works. Being realistic and consistent are prerequisites in my book.


Most of us Need help at some point in our business

Being Able To Do Some Basics Yourself

Content Creation is not difficult- it’s like a house – if you have the right foundations-  then you get to decorate your house.

Online marketing be it your website or social media platforms afford you an opportunity to Inform, Educate and advise an online audience about who you are and what you can do for them!

Yes you can choose to ignore it all but are your competitors following suit?


Help for using WordPress


Teaching you Keyword basics


Using graphics properly


Training you to create graphics


Social Media training & help


Ideas for content topics and posts


Uploading graphics and video properly


Integrating your website & social media


Promoting your content

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller-

"Without Promotion something terrible happens - Nothing."

-PT Barnum-

"Lets Make Your Online Presence Worthwhile"


See what help is the best for your needs

1:1 Personalized Coaching To Help You Do Online Marketing

It’s a sad waste to have a WordPress website just sitting there doing very little for you when you could broadcast your expertise in your field.

Practical Training So You Can Promote Your Content

There’s no point in creating content if you do not give it the chance to be found online. We can teach you best practices to start your journey.

Training for how to use the essentials of WordPress

Once you overcome the fear of the backend and learn the basics -you will be amazed at what you can actually create and promote.

Help and Support

To create content online has, in fact, got easier over the years but the problem is dealing with all of the moving parts.

There is no magic button to miraculously do it all for you.

Everyone needs help and support to get things done.

What we offer is to team up with you to develop an online plan for your business and to create content for you or along with you.

Why Do Blog Posts Matter?

They give you an opportunity to write about what you know-your sector-your business- news relevant to your sector, and all of a sudden your site becomes interesting and authoritative. All of a sudden you have your own content to promote on social media instead of promoting others!

Why Content Layout Matters?

Scanning a wall of text on a smartphone is awkward- the visual look of your content is as important as the content so cutting and pasting is out.

Well laid out content that’s useful though is likely to be shared.

Why Social Media Promotion?

Even a simple blog post takes time-researching-formatting-editing uploading and publishing. Next, you need eyeballs on the content and utilising social media to promote the content to a large audience is a must.


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